One of a kind Portraits at the 20×24 Studio

The legendary 20×24 camera is now available for private portrait sessions in the flagship studios in New York, Boston, and San Francisco. Bring your family, friends, lovers and pets to document them on the ultimate one-of-a-kind analog photographic process, the 20×24 Polaroid camera. The clarity and detail are unsurpassed, even when compared to recent digital advances. The negative is the same size as the positive, 20 inches by 24 inches, and this large format contact print captures the details and nuances of any event placed in front of it. The color film is Polacolor, optimized for skin tone rendition, but with life like detail that creates a treasure for future generations. The Black and White Polapan provides the classic look of traditional studio photography. It has been said that Polaroid 20×24 portraits document a reality on par with realist oil painted portraits, but created in an instant by a highly skilled technical and photographic staff.

Contact the 20×24 studios for more information:

20×24 Studio, New York, 212-925-1403 [email protected]

Elsa Dorfman Photography, Cambridge, MA, 617-876-6416,

20×24 Studio West, San Francisco, 415-902-0320,

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©2012 Jennifer Trausch


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