The Impossible Project and 20×24 Studio

In 2007 we were introduced to Dr. Florian Kaps by Jan Hnizdo, the owner of the 20×24 Studio in Prague, the Czech Republic. Doc, as he prefers to be known was very interested in preserving Polaroid films as it became apparent that Polaroid would be ceasing all film production by 2008. Our focus was of course the 20×24 format while Doc was interested in just about everything else. As the months proceeded and the shutdown drew near we met several times and agreed that instant materials had a future. We worked from the inside and he from the outside, and our plans were set to acquire the materials that Polaroid was abandoning. Key people within Polaroid assisted both of us and we are extremely grateful for their guidance and assistance. It was in a true Polaroid spirit. As Polaroid wound down in early 2008 we went our separate ways to work on building our separate dreams, ours to continue 20×24 production and his to take over an existing but former Polaroid factory in Enschede, the Netherlands and recreate Polaroid films with contemporary components.
Two years have passed with twists and turns that might deter all but the most determined enthusiasts.
In March of 2010 the 20×24 Film production is fully in place and producing new reagent to go with its film stock and Impossible Project releases the first of their new integral films to use with legacy SX-70 and 600 cameras. Our dreams of 2007 have now been realized. Instant imagery lives on in classic SX-70 and the monumental 20×24. We salute the Impossible Project for their creativity, determination and perseverance. The Impossible Team are: Florian Kaps, Marwan Saba, André Bosman, David Bias, Anne Bowerman, Andreas Hentschel, Lia Sáile, and Marlene Kelnreiter. Visit the Impossible Project.