20×24 Images in exhibit: The Art of Polaroid

In the history of American photography, Edwin Land’s invention of Polaroid film in 1947 stands out as a profound influence on the work of many great photographers. As Polaroid technology evolved and was refined from the 50’s to the end of the 20th century (culminating in the astounding 20×24 inch format film camera — only 6 were built) — artists, many painters among them, were pushing the film to its limits.
Those were heady days. Finally, photography was beginning to be taken seriously by museums and collectors.
Now there’s a singular opportunity to see the work of many of these photographers together in one show.
Their images range from the look of a classical painting to the stunningly abstract; from pure documentary to the surreal.
The exhibit “The Art of Polaroid” at Gallery 4 in Tiverton 4 Corners looks back at this incredible era and some of the well-known artists it produced.
Artists include: Laura Blacklow, Paul Caponigro, Ellen Carey, Bobbi Carrey, Marie Cosindas, Alma Davenport, Elsa Dorfman, Olivia Parker, Rosamond Purcell, John Reuter, Jim Stone and Jane Tuckerman
The exhibit runs from July 31-Septeber 6, 2010. There’s an opening reception on July 31 from 4-7pm

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