The 20×24 Lab creates new reagent for PP400 film

20×24 Holdings set up a lab and warehouse at Belding Mill in Putnam CT less than one year ago.  We transformed the space, building a darkroom to house the film spooler, moved one of Polaroid’s original pod machines into place and began testing formulas for reagents for our three films, Polacolor 3, Polacolor 7 and PP400.  Today we perfected the final piece of the puzzle, the reagent for PP400, our black and white emulsion.  We are now spooling cases of film from our large roll inventory and making pods for a new P7 reagent.  From today’s test we will move to a full production run of reagent at out reactor housed at Webco Chemical in Dudley, MA and come back to Belding Mill and place this reagent into pods.  It is a very exciting time for 20×24 Holdings, our perseverance and hard work are finally paying off. Special thanks to Paul Nangeroni, formerly of the Polaroid Black and White research lab for his consultation in formulating this new reagent.

Mega #4 at Belding Mill, photographed with T52 negative, PP400 positive and new reagent.