Our Reagent Pod and Film spooling in Belding Mill

It has been nearly a year since we took possession of the 20×24 Film production equipment and inventory from Polaroid. Over the summer of 2009 we found facilities to house the large reagent mixing reactor and the pod making machine and film spooler. This is our facility at Belding Mill, in Putnam, CT where we house some film inventory, test batch chemistry and mixing equipment and the Pod Machine itself, known as MEGA #4 when it was one of 22 pod machines in Polaroid’s Waltham factory. With great care it was moved from a Polaroid warehouse last summer and installed, rewired and hooked up to nitrogen and compressed air to make it operational once more. On this day pictured we ran over 600 Polacolor ER pods for 20×24 film.

Belding Mill 20x24 Polaroid Facility, Putnam, CT

Marc Souffrant commands the Pod Machine