20×24 Studio to Continue Operations in 2019

The 20×24 Studio announces today that studio and production operations will continue through 2019. Previous plans to end operations at the end of 2017 were changed when improvements this summer in reagent recipes and production procedures substantially improved the performance of the remaining film stock. “The film itself has always remained in very good condition” according to John Reuter. “The aging chemicals have been the main problem but the replacing of some and alterations in recipes and process have allowed us to continue to provide a viable product.” The negative remains in cold storage and positive rolls in a climate controlled space.

“We are negotiating for some exciting projects in the US and abroad and will continue to make the camera available through our New York Studio.” says Reuter. “The encouragement from our existing customers and supporters has prompted us to put renewed effort into making this venerable technology available. It is however a finite amount of material and will not last indefinitely so we encourage those interested in the ultimate large format instant experience to contact us during this year. There may be new instant films in the future but our focus right now is continuing to make this beautiful original film made by Polaroid available as long as possible”.