Lady Gaga and the 20×24 Camera at MIT Museum.

Pop sensation Lady Gaga, who recently signed a deal with Polaroid to be a Creative Director for some new product lines, visited the MIT Museum in Cambridge Massachusetts on June 3oth.  Polaroid recently donated items from the corporate archive to MIT which includes the prototype 20×24 Camera from 1976.  Lady Gaga, who reveres analog instant photography immediately fell in love with the 235 pound camera and jumped right in to create a series of over twenty self portraits.  She chose our classic Polapan 400 20×24 film for this series. Among the props supplied by the MIT Museum were Dr. Land’s 50 year old desk chair and pairs of the original Polaroid 3D glasses from the 1950s.

Jennifer Trausch, Lady Gaga, and John Reuter